"No other software could handle our demands.
Live video with effects, multi-format media... And we needed to be able to program the entire show so that it can be run by just one person with little training.
"PixelConduit + Stage Tools was perfect for the job.
The cue list is great, and the realtime effects and color correction are out of this world."
— Finnish National Theater - read more »

PixelConduit is a free Mac application that can handle the most demanding video tasks. It does live video capture and realtime compositing with equal ease. The free PixelConduit app is not limited in any way in its core functionality: all video resolutions and file formats are supported, and all scripting interfaces are included.
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PixelConduit Complete is an add-on pack that provides even more functionality for advanced tasks. If you need to automate live video or post-production workflows, record video streams to disk, or create complex live shows, then PixelConduit Complete is the solution.

PixelConduit Complete includes Capture Tools for live video recording; Stage Tools for creating cues and events; Render Automation for batch processing video; and Stereo 3D Tools for working with stereoscopic 3D footage.

Trial versions of Stage Tools and Render Automation are included in the free PixelConduit app.

  • Render Automation

    Create batch actions to automate operations and effect setups in PixelConduit. Export multiple formats and 3D left/right images at once.

  • Capture Tools

    Record several video streams at once. Capture both the original camera data and the rendered effects.

  • Stage Tools

    Create live video installations and other realtime video control setups. Output on multiple screens and control via MIDI, DMX or web. Read more →

  • Stereo 3D Tools

    Capture, adjust, process and render stereoscopic 3D in realtime. Work in packed formats and true dual-stream 3D. Read more →

Purchase PixelConduit Complete

PixelConduit Complete costs $119. To use the add-on, you need the free PixelConduit app.

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