What we do

Lacquer develops software for creating visual effects.
We believe in:

  • High-end quality.
    Everybody deserves high resolutions and full color fidelity.
  • Realtime performance.
    You shouldn't have to constantly interrupt your work to render a low-resolution preview just to see what you're doing.
  • Rich and ergonomic user experiences.
    There's no reason why software capable of professional-quality output should act clumsy, look ugly or disregard established user interface conventions.
  • Being social.
    New visual effects ideas and the technical know-how necessary to execute them do not breed in an isolated vacuum. Our software is designed to be modular and user-expandable, so you can stay connected to a community of other artists and bend the software in directions we never would have imagined.
  • Democracy.
    Now that market forces have levelled the hardware playing field for consumers and professionals alike, we think everyone should have access to the best software tools too.
  • Listening to our users.

Company info

Lacquer oy/ltd is a privately held limited liability company registered in Helsinki, Finland.

The company's founder and Managing Director is Pauli Olavi Ojala. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Olli Hyppänen, who is Senior Vice President of Software Production at Basware Corporation.

Lacquer's publishing partner for the Conduit Suite and Conduit 3D products is dvGarage Inc.


Lacquer oy
Kalliolanrinne 4 A 8
FIN-00510 Helsinki

tel: +358 (40) 539 1102
email: info (at) lacquer (dot) fi

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