Conduit Live + Stage Tools is a comprehensive toolset for creating video shows and many kinds of installations that deal with live video. Everything you need to design and run video performances is included.

  • Combine visuals from live cameras, pre-recorded media, realtime effects and editable subtitles.
  • Control the system with a handy cue list, or using external devices through industry-standard hardware protocols.
  • Use accelerated graphics algorithms programmed in JavaScript for unlimited flexibility.
  • Output images on multiple projectors from a single Mac.

All the functionality of Conduit Live is included, so you're also getting a video capture and compositing application in the same package.

Show design features

  • Cue list with easy creation and editing
  • Unlimited number of events in a cue
  • Animate sliders and delays with cues

    Create complex events with transitions and automatic steps

  • Media loading and playback
  • Visual effects can be changed by cues
  • Slider/color control using cues with MIDI feedback
  • Master cues: use a cue as the basis for others
  • Streamlined "Heads-Up Display" style user interface for monitoring the show

    Add notes to the cue list —
    anyone can run the show by simply following the notes

  • Customized cues can be programmed in JavaScript to do almost anything
  • Separate cue list for subtitles

    Titling tool supports multiple layers and text styles (font, color, shadow, etc.)

Live video features

  • Capture SD/HD live video from cameras or capture cards

    Supports all QuickTime-compatible devices and BlackMagic devices

  • Capture multiple simultaneous video streams

    Supports BlackMagic DeckLink and Intensity cards directly

  • Record live video to disk within the same interface
  • Mix live and prerecorded video seamlessly with advanced Conduit effects
  • Kinect™ input

    Affordable 3D depth camera offers a completely new kind of digital vision

Hardware and media control features

  • MIDI In
  • MIDI parameter feedback for motorized sliders
  • DMX512 In
  • Audio In
  • Trigger cues and media with any kind of signal
  • Start and stop video clips when a slider is moved above a certain treshold ("fader start")

Projection design features

  • Perspective Warp

    Drag corner points visually to distort a layer in 3D space.
    Great for correcting any projection distortions.

  • Built-in support for Matrox GXM units (DualHead2Go/TripleHead2Go)

    Easily output on up to three separate screens from a single laptop or iMac

  • Secondary Display node

    Support for any number of additional full-screen outputs

Effects features

  • Node-based Conduit Editor is an easy visual UI for designing effects of any complexity

    Complete set of compositing and color manipulation operations:
    includes Curves, Exposure, linear light colorspace support...

  • No limit to amount of color corrections, masks, etc.
  • Everything is accelerated by graphics hardware (GPU) for maximum performance
  • Alpha transparency available everywhere
  • Create smooth vector masks using the Shapes node in Conduit Editor
  • Supports QuickTime and image sequences
  • Create scripted effects using the easy JavaScript language

    Effects designed from nodes and/or scripts can be packaged into custom rendering plugins and distributed as binaries

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