Radi is a new application for creating unexpectedly cool visuals on the standard web.

Animations, vector graphics, video clips,
realtime effects, JavaScript programming...

With Radi, publishing moving images using modern web standards is suddenly incredibly easy.

Designed for HTML5

Heard about HTML5 yet? It's the new standard for the web. Apple loves it. Microsoft fully supports it. Google says it rocks. And Radi lets you enjoy it without learning to code. Radi is designed from the ground up to help you create content that will take full advantage of HTML5 features.

Easy vector graphics

Smartphones and tablets have ushered an era where web content needs to scale from the tiniest screen all the way to 30" desktop monitors. Resolution-independent vector graphics are a great solution to this problem. They are scalable and can be rendered at any size.

Radi works great with scalable graphics. It supports the <canvas> web graphics standard directly. Any content can be rendered into a canvas, so you can freely mix vector graphics with bitmaps as needed.

Effortless web video

Publishing video in HTML5 is difficult because browsers don't support the same video formats. You effectively need to create separate video files to support Firefox and Safari, for example. For someone not versed in esoteric video formats and conversion tools, this has been a daunting task.

Radi has automatic multi-format support for all the common browsers. Upon publishing, your video content is automatically converted into as many formats as needed. You don't need to know anything about the details. (All the latest video formats are supported: H.264, WebM / VP8 and Ogg Theora.)

Smooth animations

It's easy to animate a layer: just click a frame on the timeline and change the layer's properties such as position or opacity. Keyframes are automatically created.

For more precise control over animation timing, Radi has a floating Curve Editor window where any animated parameter's values can be tweaked over time with extremely precise control.

Visual effects: batteries included

There is an entire professional-quality visual effects system in Radi, just one click away. Radi includes the Conduit effect system that's also available in Lacquer's other products, Conduit Live and the Conduit Suite plugins. It's directly compatible with these professional applications.

Fun graphics programming

The Canvas API in HTML5 is a fun way to create interactive graphics. JavaScript is easy to learn and surprisingly flexible. It's also the world's most popular programming language. With all these new features available on the web, there's never been a better time to learn JavaScript.

Get the free beta

Radi is available for free as a beta version. Take part in shaping the future of HTML5 content creation and send your feedback!

You can download the free beta at the dedicated Radi website: RadiApp.com

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