Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender

Realtime effects and multicore processing in Adobe Flash

Are you hitting the limits of visual effects or ActionScript performance in Flash?

The latest Flash Player version 10**/?> introduces a powerful new feature: Pixel Bender shaders. Using shaders you can bypass Flash's built-in image effects and blending modes and instead manipulate pixels at will. Shaders are rendered in realtime, so they can be applied to video as well as images.

Shaders are not just for graphics either — they can also be used to perform any other intensive computation in Flash. Shader computation automatically takes advantage of modern multicore processors. Shaders in Flash are a high-powered computing engine that allows a web app to jump directly into the multicore era, leapfrogging even traditional desktop apps in performance.

The catch

But learning how to take advantage of shaders can be daunting. Pixel Bender shaders are not written in ActionScript or using any familiar Flash tools. Instead, creating a Pixel Bender shader requires one to learn a specialized language and its shader-specific programming concepts.

The solution

Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender is a visual design environment that obliterates the learning curve for Pixel Bender shaders. With Conduit, shaders can be created using drag'n'drop manipulation and with immediate visual feedback — no coding required!

Ready to deploy

Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender exports Flash-ready shader bytecode, so shaders can be immediately tested inside Flash Player in a web browser and embedded into Flash/Flex projects.

For complex multipass effects that must be rendered using multiple shaders in Flash, Conduit can also provide skeleton ActionScript code that shows how to bind the shaders together.

Build once, render everywhere

The effects you create in Conduit are not limited to Flash: the Conduit Suite is an affordable package that includes Conduit plug-ins for many of the most popular professional image and video applications, and also Conduit Live, a standalone video processing application. Conduit's unified file format ensures that your effects will render everywhere, from Final Cut Pro to Photoshop to Flash Player.

For advanced realtime deployment scenarios, the Conduit Pixel Engine is also available for licensing as a cross-platform C/C++ rendering library implemented on both OpenGL and Direct3D.

Pricing and Availability

Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender is currently in beta testing. For a limited time, the product can be preordered for 50 euros (about 66 USD*).

Preorders include download access to the latest beta versions for both Mac and Windows.

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50 euros is roughly equal to 66 U.S. dollars or 39 U.K. pounds by the currency rates of 15 Oct 2008.