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Welcome to the Radi wiki! This website contains all the documentation for Radi.

This is a work in progress. Please check back soon...
If you'd like to keep track of Radi's progress, join the Radi mailing list.


Quick Help

  • Radi FAQ
    • Answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Learn HTML5 Multimedia With Radi
    • This book is both the user's guide and a learning resource for Radi. It also explains some essential HTML concepts such as elements. To learn Radi, start here!
      (The book is a work in progress; last updated 19 June 2012.)


  • Creating Vector Animation in Radi (Part 1)
    • This tutorial shows how to draw vector graphics in Radi, create keyframes, create parent layers and use clipping. It is recommended reading as the starting point to Radi's capabilities.
  • Advanced Animation
    • Other animation techniques: frame-by-frame animation using Shape Poses, and scripted graphics.
  • Embedding Radi into a web site
    • Animations and videos published from Radi are easy to embed in regular web pages.
      In this tutorial, three embedding scenarios are covered: in the first one, a Radi animation is placed into a HTML page where it is loaded as part of the web page. In the second case, the animation is loaded into an inline frame (iframe element). In the third case, the Radi animation is published as a fragment and loaded dynamically by the main page when needed.

Special topics

  • Scripting Events
    • How to make documents respond to events like mouse moves and clicks.
  • Radi and WebGL
    • Use 3D graphics acceleration in new web browsers for visual effects.