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Crunching megapixels in WebGL

I recently finished Radi 0.9. It has a major new feature (well, from my point of view at least!) which allows the user to design realtime image filters and publish them to the web. The big idea is that nothing … Continue reading

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Canvas smartphone support hits 100%, video slightly behind

Microsoft has finally given a date for the release of Windows Phone 7.5, also known as Mango. The update will start rolling out “in the next week or two”, depending on operator and hardware vendor processes. Hopefully it won’t be … Continue reading

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Why Radi uses Canvas – comparing CSS-based animation and immediate rendering

The market for HTML5 design apps has heated up lately. The number one question that I now get asked about my Radi application is: How does it compare to Edge and Hype? Isn’t it the same kind of app? On … Continue reading

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