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Wanted: universal element separator symbol; successful applicant must fix CSV too

Mathematical coordinate notation is a mess, but it could be be fixed now that Unicode is close enough to universal. While we’re at it, we can fix the CSV data format too. The root of the problem is the comma, … Continue reading

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Passion is exploitable

In The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer, Avdi Grimm is worried about a growing trend amongst software companies looking to hire programmers. He writes: “But when I look at job adverts demanding ‘passion’ I get a little involuntary shiver. I remember needing … Continue reading

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The Union of Councils

After some technical posts here’s finally one that is back on my blog’s stated topic, ‘naming things’. When I was a kid, we lived practically next door to some nice people. They were called the Council Folks. These people, it … Continue reading

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The opposite of thrifty

Spending is a key component of modern life. The biggest victory in post-war history was achieved not with guns and steel, but through spending: the United States successfully outspent the Soviet Union, as the latter went bankrupt trying to keep … Continue reading

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On Naming Things, and the CEO-Programmer

I started this blog a few months back, but it didn’t have a title except for Pauli Olavi Ojala’s Notes. I’ve discovered that the lack of a title makes it extremely difficult for me to come up with things to … Continue reading

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