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The opposite of thrifty

Spending is a key component of modern life. The biggest victory in post-war history was achieved not with guns and steel, but through spending: the United States successfully outspent the Soviet Union, as the latter went bankrupt trying to keep … Continue reading

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Why the Mac App Sandbox makes me sad

Apple announced today that, starting in March 2012, all apps on the Mac App Store will be required to run in the so-called “App Sandbox”. The sandbox is an environment that locks down the Mac in ways that match (and … Continue reading

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Canvas smartphone support hits 100%, video slightly behind

Microsoft has finally given a date for the release of Windows Phone 7.5, also known as Mango. The update will start rolling out “in the next week or two”, depending on operator and hardware vendor processes. Hopefully it won’t be … Continue reading

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Why Radi uses Canvas – comparing CSS-based animation and immediate rendering

The market for HTML5 design apps has heated up lately. The number one question that I now get asked about my Radi application is: How does it compare to Edge and Hype? Isn’t it the same kind of app? On … Continue reading

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The Ten Abominations

A site called Test Your Vocabulary was a small hit on Hacker News today. The test takes only a few minutes, and you get an estimate of the breadth of your English vocabulary as the approximate number of words you … Continue reading

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Radi updated to v0.6

I’ve just updated my Radi application to version 0.6. It’s still a free download. If you’re interested in the possibilities of HTML5 content creation, give it a try! There’s a bunch of interesting new stuff in this release — anchor … Continue reading

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On Naming Things, and the CEO-Programmer

I started this blog a few months back, but it didn’t have a title except for Pauli Olavi Ojala’s Notes. I’ve discovered that the lack of a title makes it extremely difficult for me to come up with things to … Continue reading

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The rich old couple and the adopted prodigy (a parable of a tech romance)

Have you seen the Hollywood romance-drama everyone’s talking about this weekend? It’s about two rich middle-aged people, a man and a woman. He is a very successful business executive; respected, even feared, yet he’s convinced that behind his back, the … Continue reading

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Day 1 for a $1 app on the Mac App Store

(A quick introduction to this new blog: my name is Pauli, I’m Finnish, and I make software. You can find out more on the About page. I started this blog today because I sort of promised that I would publish … Continue reading

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