These are the miscellaneous writings of Pauli Olavi Ojala.

I’m a software / startup / graphics / movies person living in Helsinki, Finland.

Born in 1980, I’m a member of the selfish, hedonistic, media-native Generation Y. (Alternatively I’m a monkey, 猴, if you prefer Chinese horoscopes to Western popular sociology.)

My main line of work is developing the Conduit visual effects software.

I’m also making a HTML5 multimedia design app called Radi. It’s a free download.

In a past life (or a whimsical childhood), I made stuff like motion graphics and digital paintings. You can find some of those works on this old site.

Anything on your mind? Get in touch! My email is pauli at lacquer dot fi.

For concise updates and micro-thoughts or whatever, follow me on Twitter: @pauliooj

I’m somewhat active on HN, where my alias is pavlov.

I have some code up on GitHub as pojala.

One Response to About

  1. David says:

    Radi looks phenomenal, I’ve been looking for something like that! Unfortunately, I’m bound to my PC at the moment. You mentioned you’ve been able to get it at least somewhat working in Windows, any chance that might actually happen?

    PS – Unfortunately there’s no subscribe to comments, and for the life of me, I never remember to come back. Any chance you would be absolutely awesome and toss me an email if there’s any hope for a Windows version? You’re amazing!

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