Good life at Happy Meal Central

It’s been about a decade since the last time I had a meal at McDonald’s. I heard that they’re trying to change their image, and indeed it turns out that they’re nothing as stuck to their singular success recipe as I had assumed:

Vegetarian McDonald's meal in Helsinki

That’s a vegetarian McFeast with rye bread; fresh apple slices instead of fries; and orange juice instead of a soda.

These options don’t cost extra over the standard fare. This was actually a very decent meal for the price, so I don’t think McDonald’s will have to wait another ten years until I bring them another 6 euros.

This begs the question — is it like this everywhere? Or does Finland, by some strange twist of fate, have the best McDonald’s in the world?

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One Response to Good life at Happy Meal Central

  1. Dennis says:

    I’ve never seen anything like that at McDonalds. They must do it differently based on region. The US McDonalds does have decent snack wraps, though. The apple slices are available but have not replaced the fries. You can get Minute Maid orange juice as well. That McFeast looks pretty good.

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