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Supernode Tutorial

From ConduitWiki

The supernode is probably the most flexible new feature in Conduit 2. It's a special kind of node that combines all of Conduit's technologies into one – a supercharged node. It's also super in the literal meaning "above": a supernode can contain other assets within itself, most notably conduit effects.

That means the supernode can be used as a node that contains an entire tree of nodes. If you've used other node-based compositing applications like Shake, you're probably already familiar with that concept – Shake calls it a macro. However, the implementation offered in Conduit 2.0 is more powerful than Shake’s macros in some important ways because the scripting interface available within the Conduit supernode gives the user precise control of how the node renders its output and what kind of user interface it has.

This tutorial demonstrates the following tasks:

  • Using Supernode to nest a conduit effect within a node
  • Creating a custom interface for controlling the effect
  • Editing the nested conduit effect
  • Saving the finished result as a plugin that becomes instantly accessible to the user alongside Conduit's built-in nodes

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