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Posterize plugin node

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Posterize is a free plugin for Conduit. It renders a "posterization" effect, where tones in the image are converted into fewer colors, giving an effect of banding and abrupt color changes. (For the download link, see below.)

What it looks like

Here is the Posterize filter applied to an image with the effect's Color levels parameter set to 6:


To finetune the result, you can combine Posterize with other nodes. Use Gaussian Blur before the posterization to smooth out the resulting image just a bit.


You can also try adding a 2D MinMax either after or before to make the blocky shapes even bigger. Combined with various Blurs, the MinMax node can make some very interesting optical-style effects.

To control where the posterization bands appear, you can tweak the image before applying posterization. You can use Bezier Curve for rough overall control of tones, and Curves (RGBA) for more precise control. (If you don't know how to use those curve nodes, just try dragging the points, and you'll get the hang of it! The dark tones are on the left, light tones on the right.)


The above picture was taken with these effects applied:


Download and install

Click to download the Posterize plugin

To install the plugin, unzip the downloaded file, then move the file “Posterize.lcs” using the Finder to the following location:

 <your home folder> / Library / Application Support / Conduit / Node Plugins

After restarting Conduit, the plugin becomes available in the Plugins category in the Conduit Editor.

The source code

There is another way to install the plugin. You can just load the source code into a Supernode in Conduit. This way, you don't need to restart Conduit, and you can also tweak the source code if you're so inclined.

Click to download the JavaScript source for the effect

This effect is written in JavaScript, and it uses a bit of GPU shader language so that the actual pixel processing renders at blazing speed on the graphics hardware. The source code is commented to explain what the code does.

To load the effect, do the following in the Conduit Editor:

  • Create a Supernode (it's in the Special category)
  • Select the new node and open the Scripts tab
  • From the File button, choose the command "Import Scripts from JavaScript file"
  • Choose the downloaded .js file on your hard disk.

That's it.

You can publish the effect as a plugin, so it stays on your system. Just choose "Save as Plugin in Conduit" from the same File button (in the Scripts tab).