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Creative Compositing Tutorial

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Making a jungle scene in Conduit Live

In this tutorial, I'd like to show you some examples of how Conduit Live can be used as a standalone compositor. Version 2 has added a lot of new features on this front. If you thought Conduit Live is only for capturing video, you might want to take another look!

The aim of Conduit Live is not to replace After Effects or Nuke, but simply to provide an additional tool in the visual artist's toolbox. Conduit Live does less than the big multi-thousand-dollar compositing packages, but does it fast. Conduit Live is uniquely affordable, and hides interesting surprises like pervasive floating-point rendering and linear light compositing – you’ll see that high dynamic range colors are everywhere in Conduit!

Topics covered by this tutorial include: drawing vector shapes, compositing in linear light mode, creative color correction, using keyframes, generating text, and using scripted plugins.

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