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CL2 Stage Tools Titles

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Live Titles is a tool for displaying live-operated text, e.g. theatrical subtitles. It's possible to apply styles to text blocks. This allows for multiple layers of text with color, placement, rotation and drop shadows.

During the show, a separate shotcut key can be used to advance to the next title. This is convenient in typical titling situations where the titles are related to dialogue, because regular Stage Tools events and titles can be advanced separately. Naturally it's also possible to advance to the next title automatically as part of a Stage Tools event.

Live Titles consists of two parts, the Live Titles node widget and a window for editing and controlling the title texts.

Live Titles node widget

The Live Titles node widget can be used in the Project view in the same way as other image sources.

In most situations, the titles will be shown on top of any other content (such as video clips). The easiest way to accomplish this is to connect the Live Titles output directly into one of the inputs on the Multi-Display node widget. The titles will be composited on top of the other inputs.

If you don't need to manipulate the title texts with effects, it's recommended to use the direct display connection approach outlined above. Typically, you might have a Conduit Effect connected to the Multi-Display's first input to provide the background content, and a Live Titles in the display's second input to provide the texts.

Live Titles window

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