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CL2 Stage Tools Performing Live

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(For a friendly overview of using Stage Tools, please see: Conduit Live: Getting Started with Stage Tools)


Setting up MIDI or DMX512 hardware control

MIDI: connecting to musical control hardware

MIDI control is included in Conduit Live as a standard feature. To enable MIDI, open the Sliders and Color Pickers window and click on "Setup MIDI control".

When MIDI control is enabled, Conduit Live's slider values will change in response to signals from the MIDI hardware.

Conduit Live also supports MIDI feedback. If your MIDI hardware has motorized sliders, they will reflect the slider values in the Conduit user interface.

DMX512: connecting to light controllers

DMX512 is a standard protocol used to control lighting equipment. Stage Tools includes a node widget called DMX Source that outputs values received through the DMX512 connection. This allows Conduit Live to be controlled alongside stage lights.

A hardware adapter is required to connect your computer to the DMX interface. Currently Conduit Live supports the Enttec DMX USB Pro adapter. To purchase this device, visit for more information on resellers.

Triggering events and clips

The Stage Tools Trigger node widget can be used to trigger video clips or any other Stage Tools events based on input. The input can be a MIDI slider, DMX controller, or any other value in the Project view.

For example, to trigger clips based on a DMX signal from a light controller, connect a DMX Source node widget to this Trigger.