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CL2 Stage Tools Cues

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(For a friendly overview of using Stage Tools, please see: Conduit Live: Getting Started with Stage Tools)

The main interface for Stage Tools is the Cue List window. To open it, choose "Show Stage Tools Cue List" from the Tools menu.

The Cue List displays a list of cues. This is the run list' that makes up the show'. Everything that needs to be automated for a particular show should be programmed as cues, and later, while performing, the cues will be triggered by going through the run list.

To activate an event, double-click on it. When the show is running, you can also activate cues using a shortcut key (see below).

To create a new cue, click "Add". To edit an existing cue, select it in the list and click "Edit Selected Cue".

Running the project

Cues can only be activated when the project is playing. So if nothing seems to happen, press Cmd+P (or choose "Play" from the Output menu).

Also, the project must be in Free Run mode. (See Free Run vs. Timeline mode for a more detailed explanation of project timing modes.)

When the project is running, you can activate the next cue by pressing the Esc key.

Stage Tools offers an Info window, which shows the current and next cues and their descriptions. To open the info window, choose "Show Stage Tools Info" from the Tools menu.

The Info window is very helpful for running live shows where timing is typically crucially important. Once the cues have been created, the person actually running the show needs to only pay attention to the Stage Tools Info window to see what cue is coming up next, and press Esc accordingly.

As an alternative to the Esc key, you can also use the Return key found on some Mac keyboards (it's the smaller Enter key next to the arrow keys).