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CL2 Pro Pixels

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Conduit is an inherently floating-point based compositing system: it treats pixels as real numbers that can take any possible value. This is a paradigm shift from traditional digital imaging systems because Conduit effectively guarantees that your images won’t suffer from loss of dynamic range or clipping of highlights, regardless of how many effects and operations are performed on them.

To make full use of Conduit’s pervasive floating-point support, it becomes critical to have direct access to image data stored in the bewildering range of file formats and color spaces that are used in the real world of professional video and film production. On the input side, it’s necessary to be able to get pixels into Conduit in “raw” form (bypassing any conversions that are typically performed by media services like QuickTime). On the output side, it needs to be possible to store pixels in a variety of file formats making full use of the maximum precision allowed by each format.

Many compositing tasks like extracting a green-screen key become easier and will deliver better results when you’re working as close to the source material as possible. Conduit Live 2 introduces a number of features that will get the best out of your footage and also make it easier to integrate Conduit’s live floating-point rendering capabilities into film and video workflows:

  • Realtime playback of image sequences with full color precision
  • Import & export of raw floating-point YUV footage in QuickTime files (this allows e.g. lossless 10-bit uncompressed video workflows regardless of codec)
  • Import & export of DPX/Cineon images with support for 8/10/16 bit RGB and 4:2:2 YUV formats
  • Import & export of OpenEXR images
  • Improvements to Cineon (log) <=> Linear conversion nodes: algorithms and parameters now match Shake for full DPX/Cineon interoperability
  • Multi-layer OpenEXR support for convenient access to extra channels such as high-precision Z buffers rendered from a 3D application
  • New viewer options for easy previews of images that are processed in their raw formats

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