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Extending Conduit Live 2

Conduit Live 2 is a flexible application. It supports plugins, extensions and custom content on many levels. Here's a complete list -- from "easiest" to "most difficult":

  • Conduit effect favorites. You can save frequently used conduits (Conduit effect trees) as favorites for easy access, and store them in the .conduit file format for transferring between systems.
Building a library of conduits is a great way of keeping your favorite effects and visual looks handy, and you can easily share them with others.
  • Conduit script plugins. Conduit includes two very flexible nodes for creating custom effects and graphics generators: Canvas and Supernode. Anything created with these nodes can be packaged as a script plugin, which behaves just like the built-in nodes in the Conduit Editor. Script plugins can be saved in a binary format, so the data inside can't be accessed anymore.
Supernode also works as an easy way of packaging a conduit into a single node (this is sometimes called a "macro").
For more information about using the script nodes and packaging plugins, see Tutorials.
  • Node widget scripts. Conduit Live 2 has two powerful scripting tools: Script Widget and Processing.js Renderer. The former can be used to process data and provide custom interfaces in the Project view, whereas Processing.js is a complete visualization toolkit.
For more information about using the script nodes and packaging plugins, see Deeper With Data in Conduit Live 2.
  • Conduit image filter plugins. These are like traditional filter plugins for applications like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. They are written in the C language for best performance. To create a native plugin, you need some experience with C programming. (The Lacefx API provided by Conduit does make life easier by isolating developers from most of the differences between Windows and Mac OS, so at least it's not all bad.)
  • Conduit Live 2 application plugins. These are large plugins that can do almost anything within the Conduit Live 2 application: add new node widgets, have their own windows, capture shortcut keys... Stage Tools is an example of this class of extension. These plugins are developed in Objective-C.

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