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Batch Actions

From ConduitWiki

The latest versions of the standalone Conduit applications, Conduit Live 2.1.1 and Conduit 3D, include a new feature called Batch Actions. This can be used to control and automate many things within a Conduit project.

In this short guide, I’d like to show you how batch actions in Conduit work. I hope to also give you an idea of why batch actions are more powerful than an ordinary render queue because actions can interact with the project in many interesting ways.

Some of the things you can do with batch actions are:

  • Converting video files to various movie and image sequence formats
  • Rendering variations of a project by modifying individual node widgets (e.g. loading different background clips while leaving other parts of the project unchanged)
  • Applying different effects to different video clips in the batch list
  • Creating instant variations of an effect by saving effects directly into the batch list
  • Easily rendering dual stereo 3D streams to single-stream previews, or vice versa (Conduit 3D only)
  • Performing JavaScript commands within the batch list for completely customizable actions.

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