PixelConduit 3.0.2 out now

PixelConduit 3.0.2 is now available for download. The update is also available on the Mac App Store (note that the App Store version is slightly different from the regular version; details below).

This update adds some new node widgets and fixes issues with MIDI and the Web Video Server. The full details are below. I realize that I didn’t post details on 3.0.1 previously, so I’ve added that as well.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with feedback and bug reports! User feedback is my primary driver for features — the new stuff in the last two point releases of PixelConduit have been entirely motivated by your feedback. So if you have questions or suggestions, why not drop a message on the Support site?

About PixelConduit on the Mac App Store: due to Apple’s requirement that all apps on the store must run in a “sandbox”, the version of PixelConduit available on the Mac App Store does not have access to certain add-ons. These are Video Link and Render Automation – they require a level of system access that’s not possible in the sandbox. The Mac App Store version does have some advantages, though: you get easy updates, and the other add-ons (Stage Tools, Capture Tools and Stereo 3D Tools) are available directly within the app as individual purchases.

What’s New in PixelConduit 3.0.2

5 March 2013
  • New node widget: MIDI Output. This node widget allows you to send controller data to a MIDI device. The input can be any values within the PixelConduit project.
  • New node widget: Convert Video Pixel To Value. This is like an eydropper tool: it “picks” a pixel value within the input image, and outputs number values that you can feed to other node widgets. For example, you could use the pixel value within a video to control the intensity of a visual effect, to drive a hardware controller (e.g. with MIDI Output), etc.
  • Many improvements and fixes to MIDI control in the Sliders and Controls window. There is now a log display in the Setup window that shows the received data from the device, which helps in troubleshooting MIDI problems.
  • Fixed issue with the Web Video Server node widget where the stream produced by the server would not view correctly in Safari 6 (and other browsers that use Mac’s built-in WebKit framework).

What’s New in PixelConduit 3.0.1

23 Jan 2013
  • Added support for Video Link add-on which allows you to connect PixelConduit to other video apps. It includes the following node widgets:
    • Virtual Video Camera – send video streams to any Mac application that supports webcams, e.g. Skype, Google Hangouts and Adobe Media Encoder
    • Syphon Server – send video streams to applications that support the Syphon standard for video interchange
    • Syphon Source – receive video streams from applications that can stream over Syphon
  • Bug fixes to JavaScript environment.

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