Conduit reaches version 3.0 and is now free

I’m happy to announce that the Conduit Live app and the Conduit plugins have been updated to version 3.0. A list of new and improved features can be found below… But before getting into the details, there’s another exciting announcement: the software is now available as a free download!

PixelConduit is the new name for Conduit Live. It’s the same powerful realtime video app you know, but now it’s free to use. There are no limitations to available resolutions, file formats or effect complexity.

This is not a gimped trial version, but the full unlimited software. The same applies to the Conduit plugins for Final Cut Pro, After Effects and other apps. You can download the plugins for free, use them anywhere you like and give the software to anyone – no more licenses to worry about.

Of course I’m still in business and hence would like to make money somewhere in this equation… The thing is, I haven’t really been in the traditional app business for a while now anyway. Most of my work recently has been involved with building custom solutions on top of the Conduit app and its underlying framework, now called Conduit Effect System. It makes a lot of sense for me to “liberate” the core software and concentrate on building added value on top of that.

Some of these custom developments are now available as an add-on pack called PixelConduit Complete. It includes Stage Tools, a powerful toolset for live shows and video control; Stereo 3D Tools, a set of highly useful nodes for working with stereoscopic 3D footage; and more! If you’re a pro user of Conduit, check out what PixelConduit Complete has to offer.

I’ve also consolidated all the Conduit documentation into a 145-page book, the PixelConduit User’s Guide. It’s available as a full PDF or individual chapters. Hopefully this will make it easier to learn Conduit and find your way in the app.

Thanks to all of you who have expressed your support and interest in Conduit! I hope you like where it’s going with this new approach. Naturally I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this.

What’s new in PixelConduit 3.0

Improved color manipulation

Conduit’s high-quality floating point color manipulation tools have been improved for even more precision. The Bezier Curve node now has inputs that allow points on the color correction curve to be controlled by precise values from other nodes or external sliders.

Adjust HSV node is a new addition that renders perceptually correct HSV adjustments in linear light color space.

Select Tone Range is another new node that has an easy user interface for creating masks from specific luminance ranges.

Advanced geometry correction

Correct difficult perspective problems with the new Align Two Images and Perspective Warp tools.

With the Stereo 3D Tools add-on installed, you can also adjust stereo 3D parameters to fix common problems between images, and use the powerful Stereo 3D Align tool to apply fine-grained geometry corrections to stereo images (e.g. to fix perspective misalignment between left/right images).

Network camera input

Capture video from IP network cameras in any resolution. Compatible with all HTTP-based cameras (i.e. whose stream can be viewed in a browser without any vendor-specific application install).

An easy access preset is included for the popular Axis network cameras.

Web video output

Stream video images from PixelConduit into a web browser.

Add the Web Video Server node into your project, and you can stream any video within the project onto the web. The server becomes accessible on the local web using any web browser.

The video stream is a standard-compliant HTTP image stream that does not require any installed player or browser plugins to view. It works on iPads and iPhones just as well as a regular desktop browser – great for remote previews!

Web remote

Control your Conduit setup remotely over Wi-Fi using any computer or smartphone.

When the Web Remote is enabled, PixelConduit acts like a web server in your local network. Just point a web browser to Conduit’s local site and you’ll have realtime access to playback controls, sliders, Stage Tools cues. The Web Remote is like a super-powered MIDI controller that works in a web browser. You can also program buttons to run custom JavaScript commands that can do anything within the project.

The remote is not published to the Internet, so you don’t need to worry about unwanted visitors as long as you know who’s using your local network. You can also specify which controls you want to show on the remote, e.g. to enable a remote user to modify only sliders.

Performance and user interface improvements

PixelConduit has been optimized for the latest OS X operating systems including 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard.

The user interface has been refreshed with new layouts and graphics tweaks to better match the latest OS X look.

5 thoughts on “Conduit reaches version 3.0 and is now free

  1. Stefan Hollekamp

    and much Respect for making such a great Update!!!
    Wow for free now… would also pay for this …
    absolut Professional Tool.
    Have a Great 2013!


  2. Jonathan Richards


    Are you now saying that we can use this platform to develop FxPlug based effects in Motion and FCPX for commercial distribution?

    And, if so, what do we need to distribute of your software to enable a customer to use the effects I create?

    Many thanks,


    1. pauli Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      it’s absolutely permitted to distribute commercial products that use the Conduit plugin.

      If you’re making FCP X effects, you can just distribute the effect template(s) and ask your users to install the Conduit plugin if they don’t have it yet. You can link to the plugin installer on, or host the file on your own server if you prefer.

      If you want to package the whole thing in a single installer package (the Conduit plugin + your effect templates in one install), that’s possible too. Let me know if you want to do that, I can send you a premade PackageMaker project for that type of installer.

      Actually, I’m considering making an app that would package a Conduit effect setup directly into a genuine binary FxPlug… Would you be interested in that kind of solution? The resulting plugins would contain the Conduit runtime privately, so from the user’s point of view these would be standalone FxPlugs.


      1. todd gabriel

        Yes , yes and yes.

        That would be Soooooo good.

        i have been playing around with the system, and i love it.
        Being able to package it for use as a self-contained plugin would be the icing on the cake!

        Count me in!


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